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Start working: 01.06.2020
Total investors: 38679
Members online 860
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Instant withdrawal: ON
Total deposited: 750183.307649Ł
Today deposited: 1779.149427Ł
Total withdrawal: 35078.31296Ł
Today withdrawal: 353.727220Ł
Min. deposit: 0.10Ł
Min. withdraw: 0.010Ł
RESERVE: 725070.245447Ł


1.1. Commission project for withdrawal of funds is 0% of the amount withdrawn by the user. 
1.2. Withdrawals are possible around the clock (24/7/365). 
1.3. By registering with our system, you agree to these terms in full.
1.4. The administration is not responsible for the "possible damage" caused to you as a result of using this system in accordance with paragraphs 4.7 and 4.8 of the current project rules. 
1.5. At the time of registration, the user must be at least 18 years old from the date of his birth. 
1.6. The accrual of profits in the amount of 1% is made every hour from the moment of opening the deposit and for 24 Hours. (Total profit = 1 hour - (1%), 10 hours-(10%), 24 hours - (24%)). 

1.7. Invested funds at the end of the term of the deposit will not be returned.


2.1. To deposit money on your balance by using the LITECOIN system. 
2.2. To inform and attract new members to the system using various advertising methods (websites, forum topics, social networks, etc.). 
2.3. Send your wishes and feedback to the System in order to improve the System service. 
2.4. Make a profit by using the provided site. 
2.5. Withdrawal profits from the project automatically. 


3.1. Follow these rules in full. 
3.2. Carefully read the deadlines for crediting profits. (Paragraph 1.6. Of the current rules).
3.3. Do not mislead the Administration of the system by providing false information. 
3.4. At least once every 7 (SEVEN) days, re-read these rules. 
3.5. If you find errors, shortcomings, malfunctions, or other possible errors in the work of the site, inform the site administrator. 
3.6. Do not attempt to hack the site. (This is a waste of time, the site is equipped with modern methods of protection against any illegal actions). For any hacking attempt, an IP address is logged with all possible VPN chains, until the network is fully decrypted and a real IP address is detected.
3.7. Do not publish abusive messages, defamation and other types of messages that spoil the reputation of the system or its users in the project chat, as well as in the reviews section and on third-party resources "Forums, Blogs, Monitoring".
3.8. Do not create chains of 2 or more consecutive registrations in order to repeatedly receive ref. bonuses from each of the contributions. In case of detection of such chains, the Administrator has the full right to block, with the subsequent distribution of your funds among the project participants. 


4.1. If the users ignore these rules, the administration reserves the right to delete, block or fine a user account without warning and without giving reasons. (The rules for this and there are something to observe them. - Not knowing the rules is no excuse). 
4.2. The administration reserves the right to make changes to these rules without prior notice to users. 
4.3. If the user specified false data during registration, he may contact the Administrator to delete the account, with the possibility of re-registration. 
4.4. Letters sent by administrations that have obscene content, advertising, offensive nature or threats - will be ignored, and users can be deleted. 
4.5. If you try to mislead the administration (deception), measures will be taken to delete, block or penalize your account. 
4.6. The administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the registered user information received from him during registration. (Such data as a password, is encrypted non-standard methods, by triple encryption md5 + SHA = + md5 and can not be decrypted, even with the most modern technology - PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND CASH our investors is an integral part of our work). 
4.7. Administration is not responsible for possible hacking accounts. To avoid hacking, you must use complex passwords. (In case the password by your error "viruses, password stealers, keyloggers, etc." fell into the hands of intruders, logging into your personal account, they will not be able to harm you and your investments, but to restore control over your personal account, you to go video check with the administrator, which may require some time, both your and the administrator).
4.8. The administration is not responsible for possible losses as a result of force majeure, such as - Natural disasters, war, the closure of payment systems used, the closure of the used hosting provider, the exhaustion of the system balance by users ~0.0001 LTC - 0$
4.9. In case of refusal to accept the new rules, the administration reserves the right to refuse the user further participation in our service, return the invested funds with deducted interest, and delete the account. 
4.10. Official news related to the project are only news published on this site in the appropriate section. 


5.1. Users can invest in the amount of 0.1 LTC (4.5$~), using the LITECOIN payment system. 
5.2. The list of payment systems with which you can make a top-up balance can be agreed with the Site Administrator. 
5.3. Withdrawal of funds occurs automatically after a request for payment in your account. In the case of providing inaccurate, incomplete data about the withdrawal system from the client, the withdrawal of funds is performed on those details that were indicated in the profile. If such a wallet does not exist in the Bitcoin system, then it is possible to return the payment, in other cases this action is impossible.
5.4. Balance replenishment occurs immediately after clicking on the check payment button, only if the payment was sent with maximum accuracy, as indicated in the payment confirmation form. 


6.1. The administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service (see Section 4.7. 4.8.) 
6.2. The administration does not send unreasonable electronic or other messages (spam) to Users. 
6.3. The administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work of the Project, for temporary disruptions and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for computer problems, from which the User connects to the Internet. 
6.4. All possible claims and feedback on the functioning of the system should be sent to the official email address of the project or to Skype the Project Administrator. 
6.5. This site is not intended for any tax, legal, insurance or investment advice, and nothing on this site should be construed as a recommendation, by us or by any third party, to acquire or dispose of any investment.