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Start working: 01.06.2020
Total investors: 38679
Members online 860
New user [ Rpdcrypto ]
Instant withdrawal: ON
Total deposited: 750106.418668Ł
Today deposited: 1772.508771Ł
Total withdrawal: 35162.576226Ł
Today withdrawal: 380.904293Ł
Min. deposit: 0.10Ł
Min. withdraw: 0.010Ł
RESERVE: 725796.31484Ł

  • It`s legit?
  • Yes! In the jurisdiction of the country where our platform is located, this activity is completely legal, you have nothing to worry about!
  • How it works?
  • After registration, follow these instructions:
  1. You need to top up your internal balance in order to open a deposit, in order to proceed to top up your balance, click on this link https://litecoin-mining.net/enter enter the sum amount in LTC, click on the "Add credit" button and follow the instructions further.
  2. After replenishing the balance, you need to activate the deposit on this page https://litecoin-mining.net/deposit, simply select the tariff plan, enter the dollar amount, specify the reinvestment percentage (0 by default) and click on the "open a deposit" button! If everything is done correctly, the system will inform you about the successful opening of the deposit.
  3. From the moment you open a deposit, every hour you will be credited with 1% of profits every hour to your internal balance, where, having reached the amount of min. 0.01 LTC or more, you can order a withdraw to your LiteCoin wallet! To order a withdraw, make sure that you have entered your LTC address in your profile. Follow this link https://litecoin-mining.net/withdrawal and press the button "apply now" for instant withdraw!
  4. You can see the full statistics on personal deposits, as well as the time of the next deposit charge on this page https://litecoin-mining.net/deposits.
  • Is your operator support real or a robot?
  • The support service is a real, live person! The first greeting message is sent automatically, and it is not necessary to reply to it! Please contact only in those cases if you really need help with the site!
  • Does your site really pay 1% per hour?
  • YES! We have no hidden restrictions or limits, the whole process of work is built on trust, your trust is important to us!
  • Do you have an affiliate program?
  • Yes, we have 3 level affiliate program, 5% 3% 2% (For YouTube channel owners, and site owners - who are willing to work with us, we offer 10% 3% 2% and more...)